About OOSGA.org

OOSGA.org is the platform where we empower our clients and subscribers across the world with our latest analysis on the supply chain & policy changes in the Asia Pacific.

Policy & Regulation

Our team of global policy analysts track 25 countries on their infrastructure, technology, industry, and foreign policy to support our clients' decision making and better manage potential risks.

Industry & Supply Chain

We work with experts across Asia to support our clients in getting information and analysis that are relevant to their supply chain & changes in the industry.

Market & Consumers

Across almost all countries in Asia, we deliver our clients information with regards to consumer behavior, demand, e-commerce, and the changes in the retail segment.

Asia-focused Supply Chain Research

Stemming from our root in the strategy consulting space, we transformed our team & services into a platform that provides our clients the necessary analysis with regards to the market they operate in. 

As Asia is becoming the center of the global trade, our team put strong emphasis on the Greater China market, India, ASEAN, and the Northeast when it comes to our supply chain research.

We keep track of more than 500,000 companies in the Asia Pacific with almost 20 thousand that are public traded on their movement both in  their supply chain strategy and their technology investment. 

We also tracked the industry & infrastructure policy in Asian countries to better align those movement what companies may do in the future.

OOSGA.org is a platform where our clients can get their information and analysis when and where they need it. Feel free to drop us a message if you would like to learn more.