About OOSGA Research

OOSGA.ORG is the platform where we empower our clients and subscribers across the world with our policy, economic, industry, and consumer analysis from the OOSGA Research branch. 

Policy & Regulation Briefings

Our team of global policy analyst track 60+ countries on their trade, IoT, infrastructure, and foreign policy and serve our subscribers daily.

Market & Consumer Briefings

We combine our team of consumer insights consultants and market researchers to empower our clients better insights into the customers across the world.

Industry & Function Briefings

Our team of industry practitioners help our clients by providing them insights into mobility, semiconductor, retail&CPG, and finance industry.

Our global practice works with our clients on building customer-oriented organization. 

Our consulting practice works with some of the loading enterprises as well as governments in Asia to build a customer-oriented / user-oriented / citizen-oriented organizations.

We primarily work with below practice to really architect an organization that’s really centered around its customers.

  • Data Ecosystem Building: Building data strategy for our clients from data acquisitions, data architecture, data governance, to data consumption. In doing so we help our client gain a 360 degree view of the market, competition, product, and most importantly, the customers.
  • Agile Operation: Helping our clients deliver true agile model that can quickly response to customers’ need and adjust strategy based on real market feedback.
  • Insight Driven Strategic Design: Making data accessible to everyone in the organization is the first step.  More importantly is what comes afterwards.  Extracting insights from it. We help our clients building models and provide necessary trainings to build an insights driven organization.