E-Commerce in Taiwan

With 42.8% of the Population have purchased online for the past year and and 63.8% have purchased last week over e-commerce in Taiwan.  

Taiwan - Financial Maturity

42.8% of the consumer has purchased online

In Taiwan, there are about 53.5% of population that actively use credit card and about 74.4% that use debit card.  While 42.8% of the general consumers in , There is only 32.6% of them uses online banking.

% Have an account with a financial institution

% Have a credit card

% Have a debit card

% Have a mobile money account

% Make or receive digital payments

% Make or purchase online

% Use online banking

% Use internet to pay bill

Taiwan - E-Commerce Activity Overview

How are customers here in Taiwan leverage E-Commerce on a weekly basis

% of people purchase a product or service online each week

% of people ordered groceries via an online store each week

% of people buy second hand item online each week

% of people use online price comparison service each week

% of people use a buy now pay later service each week

Taiwan - Demographic

How are e-commerce consumers demographic distributed in Taiwan

Data is updated in March, 2022. Survey is from 2021.

Taiwan - E-Commerce Drivers

For customers in Taiwan, what factors would most encourage them to complete an online purchase?

Data is updated in March, 2022. Survey is from 2021.

Taiwan - E-Commerce in Travel

E-Commerce Travel Spend Distribution

Data is updated in March, 2022. Data is from 2021.

Flights: 1,280,000,000 USD
Car Rental: 291,100,000 USD
Train: 386,700,000 USD
Long Distance Bus: 53,070,000 USD
Hotel: 817,000,000 USD
Packaged Holiday: 495,400,000 USD
Vacation Rental: 441,100,000 USD
Cruise: 4,030,000 USD